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What to do when a death occurs?

When a death occurs, there are certain steps that you must take immediately. If the death occurred suddenly, or the death was unexpected or suspicious in any way, you must call the police immediately. They will inform you of the necessary steps moving forward. Otherwise, you will need to make two calls. One to the family doctor, or the doctor on call, who will have to issue the death certificate. You will then need to call us at E Taylor and Son to advise you, and to bring the deceased into our care. We are available on 01993 842 421


The first steps – If the death is at home you should contact the family doctor. In many cases, the certificate will need to be collected from the surgery. If the death is in a hospital or residential home, those in charge will contact a doctor, who will normally certify that a death has taken place and issue a death certificate. If the cause of death is uncertain, it will be reported to the Coroner. 

Bringing the deceased into our care

This does not have to take place immediately; some families wish to wait until other family members have arrived to say their goodbyes at home. It is obligatory to await the attendance of a doctor before arranging for the deceased to be collected by the Funeral Director. Our staff members are trained to remove the deceased sensitively and efficiently with the utmost respect. The deceased will usually be placed on a special stretcher-trolley and taken to our premises. A clean sheet is always used and care is taken to follow instructions regarding jewellery and other personal items. Remember you are always welcome to visit the Chapel of Rest.

Visiting the deceased

The decision of whether or not anyone is to visit a loved one is a very personal one. Many people take comfort from seeing their loved one at rest, and a private remembrance room is available at our funeral home to allow you to do this. Alternatively you may wish to have your loved one at home for you and the family to be able to do this in the comfort of your own surroundings. 

Please feel free to discuss these options with the  us, or call to make an appointment to visit your loved one in our remembrance rooms. 

Registering the death

Registration in most cases should take place prior to the funeral, and within 5 days of death occurring. A relative of the deceased usually registers the death, however if no relative is available then the duty may be performed by any person present at the death, the occupier of the premises where the death took place, or the person who is accepting responsibility for arranging the funeral. It may be necessary to arrange an appointment with the Registrar.  

The loss of someone so close, especially after so many years of love and joy, is a highly emotional and traumatic event. From notification of Mum's death, to her burial in her final resting place, you managed the whole process with remarkable efficiency, empathy and sensitivity.